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La Belle Lingerie 2016

La Belle Lingerie is the place to find your fittest bra;

shop 38 Basement Causeway Bay Ginza

515 Jaffe Rd., Causeway Bay.  Carol 96638284



How to get your right bra size

Knowing your right bra size and wearing a

good and well fitted bra can give u comfort

and good support;


Wearing a well fitted shaped bra or push-up bra

persistantly as well as know how to put on this

correctly can improve your shape and lift your


The most important thing is to choose your right bra

wisely and get advice from your trusted bra agent!!

Buying online may not get what fitted you!!

La Belle Lingerie

S38 Basement Causeway Ginza 515 Jaffe Rd

Causeway Bay Carol 96638284